Improving the online shopping experience: A copy-paste FAQ guide about PD

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Online shopping during the pandemic has become more of a necessity than a convenience, forcing both retailers and consumers to adjust. The substantial growth and high adoption rate of ecommerce in general and online Rx glasses sales in particular, prove that the optics industry is prepared to accommodate these necessary changes. 

While you are an expert in selling glasses online, your customers might find the online shopping experience challenging. It can get very confusing for them, especially if they were used to visiting their optometrist and buying a recommended pair from the collection available in store. 

Hand in hand with the convenience of purchasing from home, they must now navigate the infinite availability of frames while understanding how to read and submit their prescription information in order to get the pair that fits just right.

To make your customers’ life easier we recommend including a clear explanation on how to read their prescription and help them obtain their PD if it is not on their prescription.

So, where do you start?

Right at the beginning, by providing the basic information: What is PD? Why is it important? How do you calculate it correctly?

Here is our copy-paste PD FAQs to help you inform your customers about PD:   

Q1: What does PD (pupillary distance) mean? 

Pupillary distance (or PD in short) is the millimeter measurement between the centers of your pupils. 


Q2: What is PD used for?

Pupillary distance is used to ensure that the power of the lenses will be in the optimum position for vision correction.


Q3: Does the PD have to be exact? What happens if the PD is inaccurate?

If your PD isn’t within the acceptable tolerance, you might experience eye strain, headaches, fatigue, and blurry vision. Having a high prescription and the wrong PD can make these symptoms worse, so we recommend getting the most accurate PD.


Q4: Why do I need to know my own PD?

You may have to get your own PD if your eye care professional did not include it in your prescription. PD is often required when ordering glasses online. 

Using an accurate online tool can save you a trip to the doctor.


Q5: What is the difference between single and dual PD?

There are two primary methods for PD representation: Single PD (binocular or bino) and Dual PD (monocular or mono). Single PD is the distance between both pupils while Dual PD are the distances from your nose bridge to each of your eyes.

Now that your customers know what PD is and why it is necessary for completing their online Rx glasses purchase, let’s help them find it with our interactive tool.

They might have some questions about the tool, and here are some of the most frequently asked ones:


Q6: How does the PD tool work? 

Using cutting edge technology, we are able to accurately calculate your PD. Make sure you’re in a well-lit room without any backlight. Grab a standard sized magnetic card, the size of a library card or membership card (light colored cards work best) and turn on the computer volume. Then, allow camera access and take your glasses off. You will have your PD in under a minute! 


Q7: My browser isn’t supported, what do I do?

If you are on a desktop PC, make sure you're using Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. On a mobile device, head to Safari if you have an iPhone, or Chrome if you’re using Android.


Q8: Why do I need to use a card? What kind of card can I use?

We use a standard sized card for scaling. You can use any card the size of a credit card: a driver’s license, library card, membership card or any other. 


Q9: Why do you need to take a picture of my face?

We only access your camera for the duration of the scan, and our technology automatically blurs any details on your card so it cannot be recognized. Finally, your image will be cropped and anonymised, and will never be linked to personal identifiable information. You can learn more in our privacy policy.

At 6over6 we are continuously working to develop and bring you innovative cutting-edge digital optometry solutions, providing you with a toolset to enhance your online eyewear shopping experience.

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