Case study: How did Liingo Eyewear increase their conversion rate by ~40%?

About 6over6

Our tools simplify and streamline how your customers shop for eyewear online. A suite of online and mobile app experiences help your customers complete their orders with ease and help you drive conversion.

About Liingo Eyewear

Liingo Eyewear is an online vision company providing quality, stylish and affordable glasses and cutting-edge vision care tools to customers. Liingo Eyewear was founded in October of 2016, in Draper, Utah. The founding team started the company with a sharp focus on challenging an antiquated system and a strong aspiration to build an eyewear company that empowers its employees, listens to customers, solves common pain points and provides highest-quality products and service at approach price points.

Liingo believes that eyewear is a form of self-expression, and that everyone should own more than a single pair. This belief drives their affordable prices, trendy styles, and free prescription lenses included with every pair.

You can learn more about Liingo Eyewear at:

The challenge

Liingo Eyewear aspires to make buying glasses delightful. They strive to create an online buying experience that removes the pressure and awkwardness we all know and provide their customers with a great buying experience. To do that, they needed to implement innovative technologies to resolve the technical difficulties of buying Rx eyewear online. 

Working with 6over6

Liingo Eyewear, sharing 6over6’s innovative approach to vision care, chose to implement three of its key tools to achieve a smooth and stressless shopping experience.

GoFit - an instant facial scan that produces customized sizing recommendations. GoFit addresses the customer’s #1 concern – the size – and enables the users the confidence they need to make a comfortable purchase. Liingo Eyewear chose to promote this feature repeatedly throughout their website, addressing one of their users’ major concerns. 

Customers found it extremely easy to use. 


GoPD – a pupillary distance tool that helps customers get their PD on mobile or web. The product proved to be easy to integrate and turned out to be more accurate than competing products. The tool was found to increase sales by reducing the number of cart abandonments and company costs by $6 per order, by saving the cost of collecting missing PD from customers that provided their prescription without the PD.


GoLenses – a mobile app experience that digitizes the traditional lensometer. With it, customers can scan their glasses using their smartphone camera and retrieve accurate Rx details within minutes. Liingo Eyewear found that the app appeals to customers who are used to shopping online and are reluctant to spend time going to the optometrist when they already have a fitting pair of glasses; it proved to be a lifeline to customers stuck at home during the pandemic.

“When people see you have such a technology it shows your company is forward thinking, customer-focused and customer-enabling”.  Brandon Adams, CTO and Cofounder, Liingo Eyewear



Results were quick to come. Liingo Eyewear demonstrated a substantial boost in sales conversion rates, hand in hand with a significant reduction in cart abandonments. 

  • Customers who used the tools demonstrated a conversion rate 38% higher than those who didn’t.
  • Customers who retrieved their prescription online had a cart with 25% more items than those who didn’t.
  • Liingo Eyewear found that their GoLenses App outperformed at-home try on, driving confidence in purchasing glasses online rather than offline.
  • The result and data-minded support received from the 6over6 team, went beyond technical assistance, and helped boost the results.
  • The tools reduced major barriers for customers to buy prescription glasses online, resulting in a reduction of 16% in cart abandonments.
  • The process demonstrated a company mindset of thinking forward and looking to improve customer experience.

We are proud to be partners with Liingo Eyewear and to be a part of fulfilling their vision to make shopping glasses online delightful.


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