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Our Vision

Vision to the people.

We offer digitized optical tools for everyone — from your customers to the 2.5 billion people worldwide who need vision correction. Take our tools anywhere a smartphone can go and set vision care free from the optical shop.

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Transforming yesterday’s tools into today’s possibilities.

We take an innovative approach to vision care, starting with a fundamentally different way of thinking about and using light. The result is a suite of simple-to-use, user-friendly apps and experiences that make it possible for users to get accurate, reliable optical details.

An estimated 2.5 billion people need vision correction, but don’t have access to it.

Unleashing the full power of your phone.

When we look at today’s smartphones, we see lots of opportunities for the optical industry. In some parts of the world, there is a single optometrist per .25 million people. It’s much easier to take a smartphone to those in need than to build an entire optical industry around them.

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Taking clinical devices into the modern, digital world.

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An at-home lensometer.


With this prescription reader app, your customers can skip a visit to the optical shop and get access, anywhere they are, to the prescription details normally kept on-file at their eye doctor’s office.

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A seamless PD reader.


The answer to the missing piece in 90% of online orders can be found with a 15-second scan from GoPD. When your customers have all the details they need, they can order confidently and quickly. And drive conversion for your business!

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A smarter fit finder.


GoFit helps your customers match their unique faces — the width of their brow, the length of the bridge of their nose — with frames that’ll fit comfortably. GoFit eases the shift from shopping for glasses in-person by letting customers shop confidently in totally virtual shopping experiences.

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“Buying glasses online is becoming the norm — but growth will explode once eye exams also go digital.”

Forbes, 2018

Empower your customers and embolden your business.

A new way to access vision care.

When you use our technologies, you set a new standard for self-serve optometry for all of your customers. Our tools allow your business to:

Integrate software-only solutions, requiring no add-ons.

Reach people around the world who need vision correction

Build industry credibility with our 14 patents and growing list of certifications.

Provide consistent, accurate results for all users.

Our tools can help you revolutionize your business. Let’s schedule a time to talk.

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